Key-Box 14

Key-Box 14

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box 14

The Intelligent Choice

Key-Box 14′s innovative network ready security key management system provides small to medium facilities/businesses with the latest intelligent automated security key system The system is simple efficient and affordable Key-Box 14 helps track and account for every key/keys which are individually locked in place ensuring that critical facilities/business operations are secured and not jeopardized The system is very easy to setup, just plug and play


What is Key-Box 14?

Key-Box 14 is a sophisicated PC Based network ready key management system which combines innovative high technology and robust design to provide small and medium sized businesses with the advanced management of 14 keys or keysets in an affordable Plug and Play system.The user simply enters his/her unique assigned PIN number to gain access to the key cabinet Optional card readers are available to match your existing access cards also available is our high quality bio-metric fingerprint access readers all Keys and keysets are individually locked by the Key-Box 14 system Green LED’s indicate those keys to which the user has access to all other keys will stay locked and will continue to remain locked in place keys are easily returned to the key cabinet the user enters his/her PIN on the keypad the door will automatically open the key/keys are simply inserted back in there slots and are locked in place.   

Key-Box 14
complete package includes:
  • 14 key slot 9400 SC
  • expandable cabinet
  • 14 intelligent solid
  • metal key fobs
  • 14 tamper proof key rings
  • KeyWin 5 Pro software
  • Ethernet communication cable
  • Easy to follow set up instructions
Key-Box 14 robust
solid metal key fobs

are attached to a robust tamper
proof security keyring individual
keys or keysets are assigned a
specific receptor within the key
cabinet and locked in place until
released by an authorized user

Key-Box 14 secure key rings

The secure one-time tamper proof
security key ring is cost effective
and simple to apply without the
need for specialist tools

Key-Box 14 Features
  • User, key and access
  • rights administration
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Full audit trail and reporting capability via KeyWin 5 Pro Software
  • 14 robust, long life solid
  • metal key fobs
  • 14 Tamper proof key rings
  • 14 locking key slot receptors
    with LED’s
  • Robust powder coated
  • rust resistant steel cabinet
  • Email alerts
  • Emergency door release
  • Audible alarms
  • Expandable to 42 key slots
  • 3 year limited warranty

Key-Box 14 Brochure


KeyWin 5 Pro Software

Key-Box 14 Specifications
  • Easy Plug and Play solution with advanced secure technology
  • Pin access keypad to access designated keys or keysets
  • which are indvidually locked in place
  • Keys are securely attached
  • using a tamper proof security ring
  • Simple to configure and set up via KeyWin 5 pro software
  • Easy Network connection
  • Concealed robust mounting points allow secure wall mounting
  • Secure full operation battery
  • back up
  Key-Box offers a wide range of
fully automated key management
systems to meet all customers
key management requirements  

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