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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Budget Queue Series

Model: 4-300


The classic manual ticket dispenser comes with everything you need to get started. It is compact, yet can hold a three-digit ticket paper. It also ships directly with one roll of 3,000 of tickets. In addition, your Budget Queue Series wireless take-a-number system comes with a 5v-power adapter, meaning you’ll always be able to easily plug in, play and connect. You’ll also receive mounting hardware that allows you to display the unit whenever and wherever you need to.  

Canada's Lowest Priced 3-Digit Wireless
Take a Number Systems

The Budget Queue Series Model
4-300 Take a Number System                     
Package includes:

1-3 Digit LED 4” Display (Alert Tone) 1-Wireless Remote Push Button
1-3 Digit Ticket Dispenser 1-Roll of Tickets 1-Power Adapter
1-Mounting Hardware
1 Year Limited Warranty

Special Web Price     $495.00

Your customers will always be served faster and in order in which they arrive with a Take a Number System. Customers can relax without having to complete for service when you use NEXT PLEASE Take a Number System. With a variety of ticket options and large easy to read displays, the NEXT PLEASE Take a Number System is economically priced and easy to set up and is user friendly




Eliminate confusion from your customer waiting-line with the Budget Queue Series wireless Take a Number system. This queue management system includes a ticket dispenser, an attention grabbing LED display, mounting hardware, and a wireless remote that allows you to manage customers fairly and efficiently while keeping them informed of their current wait status
Ideal for any deli or market with a steady influx of customers, this system boasts a three digit LED display with easy to read 4” high characters that range from 000 to 999. These eye grabbing bright red characters provide a 200’ viewing distance, while you control the display from up to 100’ feet away with a wireless push-button remote.

The classic manual ticket dispenser holds 3-digit ticket paper and ships complete with one roll/3000 of tickets. Also included in your Budget Queue Series wireless take a number system is a 5v power adapter that allows for simple plug and play connectivity, as well as the mounting hardware needed to display the unit where ever you’d like.

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