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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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TAS Budget Series High Quality Wireless Clock Systems


TAS offers the newest developments in synchronized clock systems are wireless systems where the synchronizing signals to remote clocks are transmitted by radio frequency (RF) as opposed connecting all components of a system by wires. The remote clocks receive and respond to these coded signals in much the same manner as in wired systems. This greatly simplifies the installation of new systems and the extension of existing wired systems. 

Our Wireless Clock Systems are User Friendly and are Very Easy to Set Up

The TAS Time Control Wireless Master Clock (WIC-100) is a unique approach to wireless clock systems and is the heart of a system.

It transmits coded RF signals via a low power transmitter in a frequency range that is  selected to effectively penetrate most building walls and floors.

It can operate as a stand-alone master clock and send synchronizing signals to remote      wireless clocks.

It can operate as a slave receiving time signals from most existing wired clock systems    (Synchronous, Minute Impulse, RS-485) and transmit to remote wireless clocks thus  synchronizing wired clock systems with wireless systems.

It can receive time from a variety of sources via the RS-485 port. This can be from a Master    Clock, NIST Clock, computer system, etc.

The only wiring to these wireless devices is for the operating power. In some cases no        wiring is required; batteries serve as the operating power. The system operates in the 900  MHz range (902-926) that does not require a FCC license.


Time Access Systems Digital Display Clocks are variations of our proven line of wired system clocks. Each of these digital clocks is available with an operating power of 115 or

24 VAC. An added feature of the wireless digital clocks is the ability to extend a system in a virtually limitless manner. The wireless Digital clocks can act as a repeater, broadcasting

the correction signal to more distant clocks or around blind spots. With this feature, the

clock in the most remote reliable location can be set to rebroadcast the received correction signals thus extending the range while still maintaining the same time base.

DWC-300 Wall mount, High Impact Strong Plastic Housing (Four 4 inch characters)

DWC-306 Wall Mount, High Impact Strong Plastic Housing, Six digit (Four 4 inch two 2.3      inch characters)

DWC-200 Wall mount, High Impact Strong Plastic Housing (Four 2.5 inch characters)

Available Double Sided Clocks with Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket


      WIC-100 Master

        12" Display

     4 Digit 4"Display

       6 Digit Display

 Double Sided Clocks
       Mounting Plate 

A 12 inch dial Analog Wireless Clock is also available. The operating
power for this clock is 2 D-Cell batteries that have an operating life of
approximately 4 years.This allows a system synchronized clock to be
placed in remote locations where AC power is not available. This
clock is also available with 120vac power where power is available.

AWC-12-S21 Wall Mount 12 inch dial Analog Clock-Battery Power

AWC-115-S21 Wall Mount 12 inch dial Analog Clock-115vac Power

Available Double Sided Clocks with Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket


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