Traka Key Management Systems

Traka Key Management Systems

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Traka Key Management Systems


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Traka Key Management Systems


Traka ranks globally among the largest manufacturers of automated security key systems. With Traka key systems and asset lockers, you can control who has authorization to enter your facilities and remove business assets, such as the company’s laptops, cell phones, radios and other important equipment.

The key cabinet and the associated support software will maintain time and date reports to record all transaction activity automatically.  This means that businesses and facilities will have accountability for access as well as preventing loss of assets. Traka offers a variety of sizes of key cabinets, from the M series with 10 keys to the largest model which holds more than 500 keys.

One of The World’s First Electronic Key Management Systems

Traka was among the first electronic key management systems in the world when it began in 1990. Today, they stand as a global standard-bearer for innovations in state-of-the-art intelligent access control. Their key management systems and keyless entry digital lockers can manage access to your company’s most vital assets.

Who Uses Traka Key Management Systems?

Exporting to more than 30 nations and supported domestically by a network of resellers and distributors, Traka’s products are used far and wide by:

Government Facilities > Commercial Facilities > Police Forces > Military Installations 
Casinos and Gaming Facilities > Hotel/Resorts > Petrochemical Plants > Museums Libraries 
Auto Dealerships > Diamond/Gold Mines > Shopping Malls > Convention Centers > Airports 
Port Authorities > Data Centers > Retail Outlets > Power Plants > Water Authorities 
Fire/Safety Authorities > Jails/Prisons Hospitals/Health Care > Banking/Financial 
Insurance Companies

To date, we haven’t found any type of organization that couldn’t benefit from Traka key management systems.

Exceptional Quality of Traka Products

Traka’s products use only the best quality components, and have the best experts in the field to distribute and install our systems. We tailor our products to match the client’s needs. Our customers come first and we have pride in meeting your specific needs.

Responsibility and Accountability with Traka Key Management Systems

With Traka systems, your users must account for their use of company assets, while your proper protocol as well as health and safety controls are enforced. Traka assists in risk management while boosting efficiency.

How Traka Key Management Systems Can Help You

The fact remains that when a traditional key becomes lost, whether stolen or misplaced, your security may fail. Whether or not there is any foul play, you face the unseemly cost and hassle of investigating and installing new locks, and your time gets wasted.

Traka can lower your costs when it comes to loss prevention, whether by theft, downtime, personal injuries or incidental damages. Our systems reinforce your business procedures and help you comply with health and safety standards. Not the least of the benefits, Traka helps encourage personal responsibility among your employees when it comes to the assets they use.

Renowned Leader in the Field of Electronic Key Security

Traka is the leader in the field for innovation and development of electronic key security. We patented the Traka iFob and Immobilizer for controlling fork trucks, managing facilities, and controlling access to secure premises.

Traka’s intelligent locker and electronic key management systems have the capability to log reports of flaws and defects while being used; they interface with common third-party systems to ensure keys are returned before staff has authorization to exit the area; and they include GPRS solutions, allowing access control for unmanned or remote sites.