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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box 7000 S series Standalone / 7000 SC series Automated Storage Locker Systems

Key-Box 7000 S / 7000 SC Automated Locker Systems

The Intelligent Locker System Series is a flexible and smart solution that offers even more control over your valuables. The keypad comes with a display to provide a good overview and easy programming. The cabinets can handle up to 500 users (codes with 1-8 characters) and store up to 3,600 events.Just like our more advanced key management systems, you can administer system using our smart KeyWin light software.The cabinets are available in various models with 2 to 6 compartments.All cabinets can be expanded using the expansion series, Expansion, by up to 15 cabinets in any combination. In other words you can have up to 96 individuale compartments in the same system controlled by keypad or available for the 7000 SC fully automated locker system with KeyWin 6 Pro optional card access or bio-metric reader. 

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7000 S series Electronic Standalone Locker Systems Information Brochure 7000 SC series Fully Automated Locker Systems Information Brochure

Key-Box 7000 S / 7000 SC Lockers Available in 5 Storage Configuration Options

Key-Box Storage Solutions

Key-Box 7000 S or 7000 SC Intelligent locker systems are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 storage compartments. The systems are expandable with available expansion cabinets...Learn More

Key-Box 7000 S / 7000 SC Intelligent Storage Locker Systems Are Expandable 

Key-Box 7000 S / 7000 SC Intelligent Locker Systems

The 7000 S series or 7000 SC series locker systems are expandable with available expansion cabinets up to 15 expansion cabinets per locker system Example a 96 storage compartment system would consist of 1 x 7006 S or 7006 SC series Master cabinet with 6 compartments and 15 x 7006 EC expansion cabinets with 6 compartments in each of the cabinets for a total of 96 compartments within 16 cabinets. Key-Box is the intelligent choice when it comes to quality and affordable storage locker systems...Learn More


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