Key-Box Key Management Systems

Key-Box Key Management Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
Key-Box Key Management Systems
Key-Box Security Key Management Systems and Products
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Key-Box High Quality Key Management Systems & Solutions 

Introducing Key-Box Automated
Security Key Management and Asset Locker Systems by CREONE are one of the most Affordable Key Management Systems in North America


  New Available Touchless  

     Facial Recognition for 9500SC
    series Key System...Learn More

If you've been searching for a way to protect your organization's assets and resources, Key-Box intelligent key management systems could prove to be that elusive answer - by turning your conventional key into an "intelligent key"

Key-Box offers a wide range of automated key cabinet
systems to meet all key management requirements

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Superior Key/Asset 
Management Systems

9400 SC Series 
From Minimum 14 up to 42 key slots

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              9500 SC Series 
         From Minimum up to 588 key slots

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       Key-Rack Module Key System

        From minimum 14 and up to 924 key slots

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Key-Box Exclusive 100% Solid State Metal Intelligent Key Fobs

Key-Box exclusive Secure-Lock 100% solid metal Intelligent key fobs is the solid choice when it comes to choosing a key management system. The solid metal fobs and tamper proof key rings are included with all of our Key-Box key systems.


Key-Win 5 Pro Software License Is Included With All Key-Box Automated Key Systems At No Extra Charge! 

Automated 7000 S series Storage Locker Systems

New Low Cost Computerized Standalone Key System With Touch Screen PIN Entry And No PC Required!

Our unique low cost computerized standalone key system with 21 Intelligent secured individual locking key fobs is the most affordable smart key system in North America, The system requires no software all the programming is performed on the touch screen, Users would simply use their assigned PIN to access the cabinet to retrieve the keys $1,995.00 USD ...Learn More



Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

Time Access Systems is proud to offer highly secure key rings for the best value in North America. These key rings are constructed of the highest caliber stainless steel and built to last 


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Key-Box KB12 Innovative Secured Smart Box Key Storage The KB 12 is a universal key storage solution for All your daily usages from all sorts of businesses from rental home property, commercial property management, house cleaning/delivery, car rentals etc. Smart Box can be accessed in a number of ways Keypad Password Unlock, Mobile App Blue Tooth Unlock or Mobile App Dynamic Unlock


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Key Alert Key Locator System 

The Key Alert System is the world’s first and only industrial – grade digital tethering solution that automatically preempts master key separation and loss-with absolute reliability. With our unique key alert system you can rest assured of never having to experience a key/keys or access card loss event and its costly aftermath again  Learn more 


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9006 S Series Standalone Affordable Key System




9006 Series Key-Box systems are a smart secure solution for securing your valuable keys and assets at an affordable price 

Learn more  $2,395.00 USD 


9500 S Series Affordable Computerized Standalone Key System


The 9500 S series is an affordable computerized key management system and are a smart secure solutions for storing and securing your valuable keys 

Learn more     $2,595.00 USD


Low Cost Budget Safes/Key Cabinets as Low as $399.95 US



Some of our valued clients that are using our Key-Box Automated Key Systems 



Key Management/Asset Locker Systems

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