Key-Box Key Management Systems

Key-Box Key Management Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
Key-Box Key Management Systems
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Introducing Key-Box Automated Security
Key Management and Asset Locker Systems by CREONE are one of the
most Affordable Key Management 
Systems in North America

If you've been searching for a way to protect your organization's assets and resources, Key-Box intelligent key management systems could prove to be that elusive answer - by turning your conventional key into an "intelligent key"

Key-Box offers a wide range of automated key cabinet
systems to meet all key management requirements 

Superior Key/Asset 
Management Systems

9400 SC Series 
up to 42 key slots

9500 SC Series 
up to 588 key slots

9600 SC Series
up to 224 key slots

   9700 SC Series
up to 924 key slots


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Key-Box Automated Lockers


Key-Rack Module Key Systems

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Special Featured Products

Key Alert Key Locator System 

Never Risk Losing Your Master Keys Again!

The Key Alert System is the world’s first and only industrial – grade digital tethering solution that automatically preempts master key separation and loss-with absolute reliability. With our unique key alert system you can rest assured of never having to experience a key/keys or access card loss event and its costly aftermath again 
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9006 S Series Standalone Affordable Key System


9006 Series Key-Box systems are a smart secure solution for securing your valuable keys and assets at an affordable price 

Learn more  $2,295.00 USD


9500 S Series Affordable Computerized Standalone Key System


The 9500 S series is an affordable computerized key management system and are a smart secure solutions for storing and securing your valuable keys 

Learn more     $2,395.00 USD


Affordable Auto Dealership Key Management Systems 


We offer a complete line of affordable automotive key management systems for securing vehicle keys in automotive dealerships

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Key-Box highly secured automated key management systems are simple to use and affordable solutions for controlling facilities/asset keys 

The Key-Box automated key management systems have been designed to provide a quick and easy method of issuing and controlling keys. In addition, the system provides instant information as to the current user of a key, the previous user as well as a complete history of the key usage. Our system can also restrict access to individual keys thus enabling cost effective and efficient management of keys, reducing losses as well as time and energy trying to locate misplaced or keys taken off site. Key-Box enables you to control, monitor and record the use of almost any physical asset, including: premises, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Our system provides intelligent key management and equipment management access control to better protect your important assets - resulting in improved efficiency,reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operation costs and significantly less administration costs.

Who Uses Our Key-Box Key Management Systems?

Exporting across the globe and marketed/supported
by a network of authorized distributors, Key-Box products are used far and wide:

  • Government Facilities
  • Police forces
  • Military Installations
  • Casino's Facilities
  • Convention Centers
  • Hotel/Resorts
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Museums/Libraries
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Diamond/ Gold Mines
  • Hotel/Resorts
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Museums/Libraries
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Diamond/ Gold Mines

Some of our valued clients that are using our Key-Box Automated Key Systems 



Key Management/Asset Locker Systems

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