Retail Store Loss Prevention Systems

Retail Store Loss Prevention Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
Retail Store Loss Prevention Systems

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Our state of the art RF anti-shoplifting detection systems and devices will help In reducing losses from retail store theft!

Complete Packaged SystemsAnti-Theft Detection PanelsReusable Regular Hard TagsReusable Specialty Hard TagsAnti-Theft Sick On Labels  Hard Tag and DetachersAnti-Theft Label DeactivatorsAnti-Theft Accessories

Retail Theft Costs Businesses Billions Yearly!

Shoplifting has become one of the most prevelant crimes in North America averaging about 50,000 incidents per day resulting in more than $10 Billion worth of goods being stolen from retailers each year. That is about $25 million in losses per day! Time Access Systems anti-theft products will help in reducing shoplifting Our systems are the most reliable and easy to setup in the industry. We have the Lowest prices in North America for State of the Art Anti-Shoplifting systems, products and supplies. We Stock a large inventory to ensure our clients get their orders fast all across North America.

Affordable Anti-Shoplifting Solutions 



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Loss Prevention Systems For All Sorts of Retail Outlets!

Time Access Systems Can Help in Reducing Your Retail Losses With Our State of the Art Anti-Shoplifting Systems And Solutions

Our anti-theft shoplifting systems are designed to help retailers minimize their shoplifting losses by using a concept called Active Deterrance. Unlike other types of anti-theft devices, our EAS system provides retailers with both a visual and audible alarm when a shoplifting incident occurs. Closed Circuit televisions, mirrors and watchful employees are all passive deterrants they do not prevent theft unless someone is visually caught in the act of stealing. Our systems are designed to immediately notify store personnel during a shoplifting event. Items are protected with special tags which are attached to the merchandise. The tag/label is removed or deactivated by the cashier when the product is purchased. If the tag/label is not detached or deactivated the system at the exit door will sound the audible alarm alerting store staff

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