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Time Access Systems is your one stop source for all your Time Equipment, supplies and all accessories Needs. We offer the highest quality affordable Time and Attendance Systems, Job Time Recorders, Time Clocks, Time Equipment, Time Cards & Accessories at the most affordable pricing We will not knowingly be undersold. We stock a large inventory to ensure our prices are the most affordable in North America!



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Our Time Systems / Accessories Full Product Line

Standard Electronic Time & Attendance Job Time Recorders

Semi and Fully Automatic Time and Attendance Recorders

Computerized Self Totaling Time & Attendance Recorders

Proximity Card Automated Time Systems


Biometric Automated Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Date Stamps

Numbering Machines

Watchmen Clocks & Guard Tour Systems

Time Cards, Card Racks & Supplies

Print Ribbons and Cartridges

Time Recorder Replacement Motors

Battery Quartz and Electric Commercial Clocks


Digital Clocks Standalone and Corrective Systems 

Master Clock Corrective Analog & Digital Sync Clocks  

Signal Bell & Buzzer  Program Timers &  Master Clocks


Wireless Controlled Corrective Sync Analaog and Digital Clock Systems

Replacement Motor Clock Movements/Parts

Protective High Quality Metal Guards     for Analog and Digital Clocks 

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Time Access Systems Inc. has been successful for many years and widely used provider of quality time and attendance systems and supplies. The focus of our time business is specific to sell time and attendance systems, time equipment, accessories/supplies for less than our competitors in Canada. Our policy is we won't be knowingly under sold by our competitors, find a lower price in Canada on the same product and we will match it or beat it by 10%

We offer a wide range of time and attendance solutions for businesses of all sizes. We sell and support products by the world leading time equipment manufacturers including AMANO,ACROPRINT,ICON,PYRAMID,LATHEM,WIDMER as well as our own products. We also sell a wide variety of time equipment,accessories,time cards,print ribbons and clock systems for Schools,Colleges,Government facilities,Hospitals,Health Care Facilities,Commercial Buildings and Sports Complexs.

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