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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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New Electronic Solid State Corrective Sync Clock Movements


New Replacment Solid State Corrective Sync Clock Movement kits for Simplex, Cincinnati, Edwards, etc. Save time and money by replacing your old unreliable mechanical corrective clock movements with our new electronic long lasting solid state corrective clock movements. These new reliable long lasting replacement clock movements will last for years of worry free operation The movements are easy to install A full step by step installation manual is included with your order with easy to follow instructions.

Affordable New Replacement Clock Movement Kits


Save Time and Money with Our Electronic Replacement Solid State Clock Movements! New Electonic Replacement Clock Movement Brochure

New Electronic Solid State Correctional Synchronous Analog Clock Replacement Movement Kits From Time Access Systems Inc Are Ideal For Replacing Failing Older Outdated Corrective Clock Movements in Your Existing Wired Cincinnati, Edwards, Simplex, IBM and Other Types of Corrective Master Clock Controlled Systems Using The Same Older Style Traditional Synchronized Mechanical Clock Movements

Model: TAS-ASKITO1 / TAS-ASKIT02  Clock Movement Kits includes everything you need to replace the older style traditinional mechanical clock movement in your Simplex, Cincinnati and Edwards brand clocks! Our easy to follow instructions will walk you through each step, Installation instructions. To replace the old movement in your existing clocks, you'll need the following tools: 5/16" Nut dricer, 1/4" Nut driver, 1/2" Nut driver, #2 Phillips screw driver and a Flathead screw driver

Model: TAS-ASKIT01 Clock Kit is for Edwards / Cincinnati syncrhronous clocks

Model: TAS-ASKIT02 Clock Kit is for Simplex / IBM synchronous clocks All kits Include: Electronic movement, dust cover assembly, Connecting wires, Clock hands, Molex plug and mounting harware etc. ...Click to View Info Brochure

The All New Elecronic Solid State Crrectional Synchronous Clock Movement Replacement Kits Are Easy to Install to All Your Existing Simplex, IBM, Edwards or Cincinnati Clocks

Our New Replacement Correctional Clock Kits Use Up to 80% Less Engergy Than The Old Mechanical Synchronous Clock Movements

Old Style Simplex / IBM Clock

Mechanical Movement

Discontinued no longer available

Old Style Edwards / TAS Clock

Mechanical Movement

Discontinued no loger available

Old Style Cincinnati / TAS Clock

Mechanical Movement

Discontinued no longer available

Available New Analog Electronic Replcament Corrective Synchronous Clocks for Simplex, IBM, Edwards or Cincinnati Synchronized Systems 

Analog Electronic Replacement Sync Clocks

Ideal for new applications or replacing Failing older clocks in your existing wired Cincinnati, Edwards, Simplex or IBM corrective clock systems Our solid state clocks are the first of its kind capableof reading the correction signal for many systems upon installation with no manual adjustment. When replacing clocks for the brands such as Simples, IBM, Ewards, Cincinnati or others below, compare Our electronic clocks with solid-state corrective movements to our traditional clocks with mechanical movements ...Click to View Info Brochure

Available Digital LED Electronic Replcament Corrective Synchronous Clocks for Simplex, IBM, Edwards or Cincinnati Synchronized Systems

Digital LED Electronic Replacement Sync Clocks 
Ideal foe new applications or replacing existing older clocks in your existing wired corrective system such as Simplex, IBM, Edwards or Cicinnati, Our 3 wire digital clocks improve readability and are available in a variety of sizes and options to suit your time synchronization needs.Features: Ultra-bright red or green LED for high readability, A non-glare lens with up to 200 ft. visibility, 12-hour or 24 hour format with optional Digital Clock/Timer, Durable, lightweight anodized aluminum frame, Syncs with various master clock Systems ...Click to View Info Brochure


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