RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

Are your employess leaving your business premises with your valuable keys? Just think of what the cost would be for a lost, stolen or misplaced key might be for your business! It could cost alot of money & alot of time to rekey or change the facilities locks Not to mention the security issues that a misplaced, lost or stolen key can cause!

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Alert-Pro RF Key Exit Alert Detection Systems

Alert-Pro RF Key Exit Alert System
Do you know if your valuable keys are leaving your premises? With the all new Key-Alert standalone RF Key Exit Alert System you will know instantly if a staff member is leaving the premises at your exit doors with your business asset keys!  The Alert-Pro Key Exit Alert System is an affordable low cost solution for protecting your keys from leaving your facilities. ...Click to View Brochure


How Does the RF Alert-Pro System Work?
The Standard standalone RF Key Exit Alert System consists of two RF door detector panels that sounds an alarm sound if a key user leaves the premises with the keys Each key ring would contain a RF tag attached to the key ring. 


Affordable Solutions for Protecting Valuable Keys

Ideal for the Gaming & Entertainment Industry

Ensuring security in the gaming/entertainment industry can be a daunting task that requires advanced solutions that address multiple needs. Whether at a casino or football game, there are thousands of employees, visitors, and equipment that need to be monitored from a central location. Exit Key Alert Systems provide all facilities with the technology needed to solve this problem. Tags can be attached to any key rings in casinos and configured to automatically trigger an alarm should the tagged key chain approach an exit. Many states authorities require mandatory re-keying of all slot machines if the keys are taken outside the building. By sounding the alarm before the keys leave the building, it saves the casino tens of thousands of dollars! 



Alert-Pro systems are suitable for all sorts of businesses and organizations 

Casino/Gaming Facilities


Commercial Prop. Buildings


 Law Enforcement Facilities

Jails/Correctional Facilities

TAS Inc Innovative Alert-Pro Exit Alert Detection Systems 
will automatically send and activates an audible alarm if a key is taken outside the premises 

  • Avoid threats to the security of your facility and its occupants
  • Prevent the unintentional removal of a key 
  • Prevent key theft 

Monitor keys and know if a key is taken outside an authorized exit area. The key exit alert system uses RF technology to send unique RF key tag signal to wireless detection panels strategically located at the door exits. The detection panles will sound an alarm if a key is taken outside of an authorized area of the facility

With our key exit alert systems you'll always know if your
keys have been removed from your premises 


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