RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
RFID Security Key Exit Alert Systems

Are your employees leaving the facilities with your valuable keys?
Just think of what the cost of a lost mislaid key might be for your facilities!
It could cost thousands of dollars to rekey or change the facilities locks
not to mention 
the security issues that a misplaced /lost key can cause!

How the Alert-Pro system works

The entire Exit Key Alert System is implemented over the existing network infrastructure, making installation easier, less expensive, and highly scalable. The activators automatically send out encoded information via internal and/or external antennas to the tags which in turn forward that information along with the tag ID information to the network receiver up to 100 feet away. This allows a single receiver to collect tag data from a number of activation points as well as offering the flexibility of defining zones" or perimeters to an asset or person, or monitoring movement between "zones". Tag information is instantly forwarded over the network to a host computer running. Active Trac Software to provide real-time management solutions via powerful reporting, display, decision and control functions. Alert signals can also be tied into existing alarm, access control, and surveillance systems. A panic alarm feature is also available which, at the push of a button, triggers the tag to transmit an alarm signal. These key fob tags are 40% smaller than standard personnel ID tags and require the use of replaceable batteries.

Ideal for the Gaming Industry 

Ensuring security in the gaming/entertainment industry can be a daunting task that requires advanced solutions that address multiple needs. Whether at a casino or football game, there are thousands of employees, visitors, and equipment that need to be monitored from a central location. Exit Key Alert Systems provide facilities with the technology needed to solve this problem. Tags can be attached to key rings in casinos and configured to automatically trigger an alarm should the tagged key chain approach an exit. Many states require mandatory re-keying of slot machines if the keys are taken outside the building. By sounding the alarm before the keys leave the building, it can save the casino tens of thousands of dollars in re-keying costs



Alert - Pro RFID Key Exit Alert Brochure

Alert-Pro RFID Systems Infrastructure

Alert-Pro RFID T-5000 RFID Keyring Fobs

Alert-Pro RFID T-2000 RFID Key Readers

Standalone RF Key Exit Alert System




Casino/Gaming Facilities


   Commercial Buildings


Law Enforcement Facilities

Jails/Correctional Facilities

Time Access Systems Alert-Pro Exit Alert Systems 
sends real time notifications and activates audible exit alarms if a key is taken outside of it authorized area

  • Avoid threats to the security of your facility and its occupants
  • Prevent the unintential removal of a key 
  • Prevent key theft 

Monitor key location and know if a key is outside an authorized area. The key exit system uses RFID technology to constantly send unique key tag identifying data to wireless receivers strategically located throughout the facility, including the door exits. The readers relay the data to the security systems software providing real time notification if a key is taken outside of an authorized area or outside the facility

Alert Pro Includes:

  • Extensive customer service
  • Easy to use software
  • Tamper proof key tag
  • Real time audit records
    of key transactions
  • RFID Detection hardware
  • Alarm relay connections
    and email notifications 

RFID Technology:

  • Maintenance free technology 
  • Save time and money with no
    key fob replacement
  • Save repair costs 
  • Real time key transaction recording 
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced keys 
  • Alarm relay connections and email notifications


  • Our key exit alert system is compatible line of key systems
  • Key management systems electronic lockers 
  • Asset locker system 
  • Guard tour systems
  • Fleet key management systems 

With our key exit alert systems you'll always know if your
keys have been removed from your premises 


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