Sure-Grip Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

Sure-Grip Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

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Sure-Grip Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

Sure-Grip Quality Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

Time Access Systems is proud to offer highly secure key rings for the best value in North America. These key rings are constructed of the highest caliber stainless steel and built to last. They are also user friendly all you have to do is crimp and your keys are securely locked and sealed.


Part Number STD-TP 1.5
$3.99 each

*Free crimping tool with 
purchase of 25 packages

*Limited to one per customer

Security Tamper Proof Key Rings

Affordable key rings that are made of quality aircraft cable and show any signs of attempts to open them. To lock a keyring, crimp the metal connector with a special crimping tool which is (available below) to permantly close it, after which point the ring will have to be destroyed for the keys to be removed. Key Ring Size 1.5" round diameter 5" lenght 

Special Package of 25 keyrings: $79.75 pack

Purchase 5 or more 25 keyring packs:   $77.75/pack
Purchase 10 or more 25 keyring packs: $75.75/pack
Purchase 20 or more 25 keyring packs: $73.75/pack
Standard Crimping Tool: $39.95 each



Quality Key Rings at Affordable Prices


Security Key Ring Sales Info Brochure With Pricing



New Sure-Grip Reusable 

New Sure-Grip Reusable Innovative Ant-Tamper Key Seals

New Sure-Grip Exclusive Reusable Tamper Proof Key Seals Will Save You money!
With our new exclusive reusable security tamper proof key seals you'll never have to change another tamper proof key ring again! Plus you will save money by not having to use new key ring each time you need to insert a new key! ...View Info Brochure

New Sure-Grip reusable tamper proof key seals are easy to use Just attached key as normal with the new reusable seal and press to lock the keys on the seal To Remove the keys from the locked seal go to detacher place on top of pin and pull the cable to release the key

(1) Insert key or keys 

to tamper proof seal

(2) Push and close the 

tamper proof key seal

(3) Push down/press on

key seal & unlock seal

(4) Revove key or keys

from tamper proof seal

The Sure-Grip reusable anti-tamper proof seals Part #SG 5001W are used to secure keys in your key management system. The seals are designed to prevent removal of keys through a key ring, all the while still allowing the ability to write the required key info such car registration, hotel room number, storage rooms etc. Save money by using the new Sure-Grip reusable tamper proof seals!
Package of 10 $149.00 - 20 Packs $269.00 - 50 Packs - $599.00

High Security Serialized Tamper Proof Key Rings

High Security Serialized Tamper Proof Crimped Locked Key Rings 

Our unique high security serialized key rings cannot be damaged or destroyed without showing evidence of it. The are made of high quality stainless steel which are laser-Etched with unique serial numbers for added security in keeping tabs on your valuable keys. These serialized key rings are suitable for all type of applications 

Serialized Tamper Proof Key Rings Features:

Unique serial numbers are laser engraved onto each key ring which allows you to easily keep track of your keys. The only thing you need to seal the key ring is a simple crimping tool. These key rings are built with security in mind, as they cannot be opened or damaged without detection. The serialized key rings are available in ether solid stainless steel or flexible stainless steel



Stainless serialized key rings



Solid Stainless steel tamper
proof serialized key ring

Flexible Stainless steel tamper 
proof serialized key ring

Serialized Tamper Proof Key Rings Pricing 
Size (in) 1.5" Round diameter (in) Size 5" Length (4 cm)  Solid Metal Stanless Steel Key Rings $9.99 each  
Size (in) 1.5" Round Diameter (in) Size 5' Length (4 cm)  Flexible Stainless Steel Key Rings $11.99 each

*Serialized key rings are also availble in 2", 3" and 4" Please enquire for more info and pricing

ID Key Ring Color Bands available for Function and Group Designation


Sure-Grip key ring single color code tags
(48 per pack)
$21.99 per pack
*Special 10 Pack Deal 
$179.00 for 10 packs

Also available multi color tags
(8 each of 6 different colors per pack)
$21.99 per pack 

Available Colors
CCTX (Black)
CCTR (Red)

CCTO (Orange)
CCTY (Yellow)
CCTG (Green)
CCTB (Blue


Available heavy duty crimping tool for serialized tamper proof key rings


Heavy Duty Crimping / Cutting Tool  TPCT $44.95 each

Our tamper proof security key rings (tm) use a single tool to crimp the rings with our "Slide and Crimp" efficient tooling, as it saves time and money 


Affordable Sure-Grip Low Coast Anti-Tamper Key Seals





Used to secure keys to your key management system, anti-tamper key seals come in an easy identifiable white. Designed to prevent removal of keys through a key ring, anti-tamper key seals can be fully customized with your business logo and contact details. All the while still allowing the ability to write the required key info, car registration, the hotel room number or even room location reference etc. Part #SG4001W

Available in packs of

Package of 100 anti-tamper key seals - $89.00
Package of 300 anti-tamper key seals - $249.00
Package of 1000 anti-tamper key seals - $699.00


*All Pricing Listed in US Funds

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