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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box Intelligent Modular Key Systems


9006 S series Key Systems                  9006 S Information Brochure


Solutions for securing your valuable keys 

The 9006 S Series intelligent key system is a flexible system solution that comes with six intelligent storage compartments, PIN entry keypad and an easy to read display to provide an easy overview and user friendly programming. The 9006 S can be plugged into a single power source connection (110V - 120V AC) The system includes a battery back up in case of power outages. The 9006 S can be expanded up to 15 slave cabinets for a total of 96 compartments within the system

External dimensions    Internal Dimensions      Weight 

 350 x 280 x 85mm           145 x 40 x 60mm            5.3kg




KeyWin Light Software 

KeyWin Light is a software that simplifies your work in a flexible and easy to grasp way. You can monitor and control both key management and storage of valuables. KeyWin is easy to grasp and very somple to administer. All events are registered and saved in KeyWin Light and is used with the 9006 S




9006 S is easily expandable up to 15 cabinets     


Complete Packaged System

9006 S Series Package includes: 9006 S series key
cabinet, KeyWin Light USB Software, Battery Back Up, Set up manual and 1 Year Warranty In stock for fast delivery across North America $2,695.00 US




KeyWin Light USB Software
Flexible overview for your key system and locker system
KeyWin Light is a software that can be used with the System series for key cabinet and value box. You obtain monitoring and control by plugging a USB flash drive into the cabinet using a service code. The event log is also downloaded to the USB flash drive, which is then rocessed on a computer.It is simple to add, delete or edit codes as well as to look up information in the event log and then to upload them to the cabinet again via the USB flash drive.


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