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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...

8.2MHz Dural Tag


New and Innovative Textile Anti-Theft Tags
By Time Access Systems Inc.

So Small, Yet Powerful and Compatible

Features and Benefits:

Time Access Systems Dural-Tag is the smallest anti-theft tag on the market today. It is available in Black which will compliment any retail décor.Small Size/Lightweight upgrade from traditional tags. The Duraltag is visibly different by its size and its weight thus allowing it an easy in without discomfort for the customer and no damage to the garment.It is virtually un detectable to shoplifters.
High Tech patented 4 ball-bearing non magnetic laser cut lock
Large non magnetic security pin. A unique ergonomic design, resistant to cutting with pliers or other tools.
Robust construction, resistant to crushing or smashing the tag.


Duraltag specifications:

Diameter: 33mm
Height: 33mm
Weight: 7.1g
Pin Length: 4.5mm
Highly Secured Tag
With its light and robust construction the
Duraltag is a highly secure tag.







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