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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...

Time Access Systems is the Canadian Leader for Liquor Store Anti-
Shoplifting Detection Systems,Anti-Theft Bottle Tags, Labels and
Accessories Our systems are in use in many Leading Retail Liquor
Store Outlets across Canada/USA

The Vector Anti-Theft Detection Systems is recommended for retail outlets that require the use of a powerful and
reliable anti-shoplifting system.The Vector is an all purpose system that is capable of protecting a vast array of
merchandise due to it's ability to detect both hard tags and self adhesive labels. It is the premier system on the
market and is available from Time Access Systems.


The 8.2 MHz Vectore system is a Transceiver system that requires only one antenna to make it work. This system can detect both hard tags(approx 3 to 4 feet or more on either side of the antenna)and labels (approx 2.5 to 3 feet on either side of the antenna) These systems require no synchronization between multiple panels nor do they require synchronization to our deactivators. This significantly reduces installation time as well as servicing. The use of a transceiver system greatly reduces the instances of "phantom" or false alarms.

Height: 60.5 (152.4cm) Weight: 12.5lbs (6.7kg)

Depth: 1" (2.54cm) Width: 12" (30.48cm) Frequency: 8.2MHz

Complete Special Package Deal




1- Vectore 8.2MHz Antenna

200 - Standard Bottle Tags

1 - Chrome Detacher

1 - User Manual


Our standard and designer bottle tags and labels are available in 8.2MHz and 58KHz systems


Our Standard Series Anti-Theft Liquor and Wine Bottle tags are the lowest price in Canada

We also carry a full line of Designer and Slim Line Series Anti-Theft Bottle Tags available for RF 8.2MHz or 58KHz Sensormatic Systems






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