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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Acroprint Durable ETC Series


Durable time and date stamp features a front LED clock, allowing many different combinations of year, date, time and messages etc.

Special Clearance Price $295.00   

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Acroprint Durable ETC Series

The Acroprint ETC series time and date stamp is an affordable durable stamp machine with years of worry free operation. The ETC features a front LED clock and the ET features no front clock. The Acroprint time and date stamps are available with optional custom engraved inscription die plates that allow different combinations of text messages.


Features and Benefits:

This rust resistant unit is capable of handling hundreds of print registrations daily. Each rugged document control stamp distinguishes itself as a product made in the USA. Upgrading the stamp with a customized engraved plate provides business relevant imprints on all documents. Companies can create plates that stamp the business or section name, a catchy slogan or mark the paper with an audit statement such as filed or processed. Ask your dealer about creating a custom plate that suits your needs. The stamp construction consists of solid-metal plates engraved per your criteria. Each plate is made quickly with the upmost attention to detail. Plan your stamp with up to four lines of text in one of four available typefaces. 




Slide a paper into the solid base of the time stamp to activate the automatic print function. This provides each operator with one-handed control. The stamp delivers a sharp, clean print that strikes through multiple copies at once with precision. When looking for a cost-effective way to mark year, month, day and time to vital documents, these stamps fit the bill. Use a time stamp to control the flow of incoming mail, POs and other forms of time-sensitive documents.

The only difference between the ET and ETC models is the digital display found on the ETC. This allows for easy readability. 






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