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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Amano CP-5000

Model: CP-5000

Amano Cincinnati’s CP-5000 Series Consecutive Print Time Recorder is designed as a fully automatic time recorder which eliminates overprinting through the use of its mark sensing technology. Its optical sensor detects the previous mark, and time and date are consecutively printed vertically on the time card.

Complete Package $1,395.00

CP-5000 Automatic Quality Electronic Time and Attendance Time Recorder For Recording Your Valuable Payroll Times

CP-5000 Electroninc Time & Attendance Reorder
The CP-500 is an all-in-one high quality electronic automatic time recorder designed to fully meet the typical time and attendance recording needs and requirements of a contemporary business. The CP-5000 electronic time recorder has the ability to automatically spaces the print on each line of the time card so that it is easily viewed for auditing of the time card. The CP-5000 time recorder is able to print in regular or military time, with minutes, hundredths, twentieths or tenths, you choose! The CP-5000 time recorder is of the best quality built time and attendance time recorder in the industry! 

CP-5000 Time Clock Only $1,295.00
The Time Clock Package includes: CP-5000 time clock recoeder, One year limited time exclusive Time Access Systems time care parts & labour depot warranty 

CP-5000 Time Clock Package $1,395.00
The Time Clock Card Package includes: CP-5000 time clock, package of 100 time cards, card 12 slot rack, clock key, manual, One year limited time care parts depot warranty.  

Time Access CP-5000 Features and System Specifications 

Features & Benefits:

Automatic card feeding
Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment
80 weekly program steps to activate features
Two-color printing
Full power reserve
Mark sensing technology eliminates overprinting


CP-5000 Time Recorder
Package of Time Cards
25 Slot Time Card Rack
Printed, fully illustrated User Guide
1 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 12.3”H x 10.2”W x 6.1”D
Weight: 9.66lbs
Power requirements: 120VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 6W(normal), 60W (maximum)
Ambient temperature: 14˚F - 113˚F
Humidity: 10% - 90% (no condensation)


Will handle Weekly,
And Monthly Pay Periods



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