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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Amano Durable 4700 Series

Model: AMANO 4700

Amano 4700 Series Time and Date Stamp with standard features such as front analog clock, allowing many different combinations of year, date, time and messages etc. Durable Time/Date Stamp Machine

Special Clearance Price $895.00 

Time Access Systems Is Your One Stop Source For All Your Time and Date Stamp Needs

Amano 4700 series

The traditional Amano 4700 series time and date stamp is an affordable durable stamp machine with years of worry free operation with a front analog clock. Amano time and date stamp are available with optional custom engraved inscription die plates that allow different combinations of text messages



  • Automatically prints with paper insertion, flexible print positions
  • Single motor-operation makes it user friendly
  • Ribbons can be replaced involuntary
  • All electronic circuits are solid state to ensure uniform printing
  • Stamp force can be modified to allow carbon printing 
  • Ribbons are easily changed and have automated forward and back feed 
  • Tough case with a robust lock to resist unathorized manipulation 
  • All brass type wheels afford above average print clarity and longevity

Technical Specifications:

• Amano 4700 has a dimension of 5.5”W x 6 ¼”H x 10”D.
• It weighs 13.2 lbs.
• Has a power supply capability of 100/120V AC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz.
• Its Power Consumption rate is 1.5W in normal cases and 255W on the upper limit.
• Has a humidity requirement of 10% - 90%  (no condensation). 

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