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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Amano PR600

Model: AMANO PR600

The PR-600 Electronic Watchman clock is our standard basic unit that is very easy to use and provides clear and accurate registration of the watchman's patrol rounds

Traditional Reliable Watchman's Clock

Amano PR600 Watchmans Clock

Do you know if your security patrol person has made the patrol rounds in your facilities?
With the PR-600 Watchman Clock you will; with accurate results.
Provides clear and accurate registration of Watchman’s Patrol, ensuring the protection of your property and facility.
Extremely Easy to Use
Access to the Record Tape is protected by a Master Key
Numbered Station Key is inserted into PR-600 and turned to record Date, Time and Station Number.
Maintenance Free…”D” Cell Battery provides months of operation, no winding required.
Durable and Lightweight…Less than 2 pounds, but built for use and abuse.
Battery Indicator Light
99 Stations Available
Master Key for Supervisor
Indicates when clock has been opened

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