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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Digital Clock Systems

Model: Digital Clock

Time Access Systems carries a wide range of commercial grade digital clocks and timers                                   

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Commercial 4 Digit Digital Clocks


4 Digit LED Standalone 4" Display Digital Clocks with Multi-Functions Features


These digital wall clocks allow you to select 12 or 24 hour time in large bright LED digits for easy viewing up to 100 plus feet.


Smart 6" LED Display Digital Clock with WiFi Option  

Smart LED Digital Clock with Optional WiFi


Digital LED Wall clock with its high accurancy is perfict 

for any commecial/industrial application The digital clock 

offers remote control for mulitple funtions such as count 

downs etc. 6" LED display is viewable up to 150 feet  

Commercial 6 Digit 4" Display Digital Clock

Model: TAS DC 140-4 4" Display

6 Digit LED Standalone Digital Clock                   

Model: TAS DC 140-4  

These large digital LED clocks are viewable up to 100 feet and are available in ether 12 or 24 hour format 





Large Size Commercial 6" Digtal Display Clock



Large Commercial Digital Clock

Model: TAS/JB-17-DC  
Large Size 6" Digital Display Clocks for Commercial Applications



Large Digital Events Countdown/Count Up Clock 

Stopwatch, Internal Timer with Wireless Remote Control


Huge Long Distance 9" LED Ultra Bright Clock With Countdown, Countup, Stopwatch, Interval Timer and Wireless radio Frequency remote

Dimensions: 43"w x 12"h x 3.5"d  Model: TAS DC 190-7

  • Viewing distance up to 400'
  • With the first wireless 35 key RF remote with full functions operating from up to 400' from the clock to match viewing distance.
  • Synchronized operation possible for multiple clocks 
  • Great for 5k, 10k and all race
  • External loud siren option 
  • External 10 hour battery option available
  • Heavy duty 7' tripod option
  • Ultra bright 100000 hr LED's
  • Weighs only 9lbs


Portable 7" Tripod available
for all count down clocks 

   Model: TAS 300-4-6

Master Clock Corrective Sync Digital Clocks 

                                            TAS-3WD Digital series

Corrective System
Master Clock Controlled digital Clock 

Appropriate with Simplex, Cincinnati, Faraday, Lathem, Edwards, & Stromberg 3-wire synchronous Master Clock Systems
The best advertising multi-system digital time system can function as a complete system or as an add-on to several considerable product methods. The incredibly recognizable, incredibly bright display makes it the ideal choice for large places or entryways.


4” – 4 digit bar segment LED display
100% electronic solid state
Powder Coated Black steel case
UL approved transformer
Display visible over 100’
Size – 6 ¼”h x 12”w x 3 ¼”d
Also available double sided wall
or ceiling mount

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