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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Guard-Pro ARES QR-G Automated Guard Tour Verification System

Model: ARES QR-G

Guard-Pro ARES QR-G fully automated guard tour verification system with All-inclusive Software and App package The ARES QR system is the most affordable QR system in North America

Guard-Pro Smart Phone QR-G Guard Tour Verification System

Guard-Pro ARES QR-G Product Details 
Guard-Pro AReS QR-G does not require any monthly or yearly subscriptions. All system packages are a “One Time Buy” transaction. The customer becomes the owner of the rights of use of Ares QR-G App licenses they have purchased. All Report transmissions operate via Google Drive, all you need for its operation is to have a Gmail account. Tour reports are automatically uploaded to the end user’s Google Drive. The client acquires  rights of use of our Quick-Report software, for the life of the PC or end of the OS. User license per PC. If the Android phone is damaged or reaches “End of Life”, the owner might be able to transfer his ARES QR-G App license to a new phone, for a small support charge per incident; for the customer must provide a letter stating his former phone has reached end of life, provide the former IMEI number, and provide the new IMEI number. For More Detailed Information ...Please Click to View Info Brochure


Guard-Pro ARES QR-G Product Features
ARES QR-G Pro. Version for Android Smartphones with “Man Down ”Alarm capability. *Installation and setup in less than 10 minutes. *Reduces supervision costs; reports will be transmitted from remote locations to the area supervisor in seconds, notwithstanding these might be thousands of miles away. *Generates complete Tour Reports that include GEO verified QR Checkpoints, Sites, Tours, Officer in charge, Phone ID, Date and Time, Messages, Photographs, and a complete Tour evaluation, that includes omissions analysis. *Reports can be easily and readily viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a PC running Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. *Stand Alone can operate on-line or off-line; databases are encrypted and compartmentalized within each of your Phones. *Phones synchronizes with Google Drive™ synchronizes with your PC. You get instantaneous transmission! *No monthly or yearly subscription fees!

Guard-Pro ARES QR-G Complete Packaged Guard Tour System The Package Includes:

1- Three Ares QR-G Licenses (for 3 Android phones),  2- Quick-Report for Windows PC,  3- 30 QR Code Checkpoints custom printed in long lasting Polystyrene Sheet, Package Dimensions: 2mm Thick, Height 4 cm, Length 4 cm,  4- Includes remote installation support and training (Apps and ARES QR Software),  5- Box contains: USB Memory with Software, App installers, Tutorials etc.,  6- Shipped via Courier,  7- Includes ARES warranty physical card. Please contact us for special pricing


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