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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Time Access Systems Affordable High Quality TimeTrax RF Wireless Clock Systems


TAS offers the newest developments in synchronized clock systems are wireless systems where all the synchronizing signals to remote clocks are transmitted by radio freq. (RF) as opposed connecting all components by wires.


Our Wireless Clock Systems are User Friendly and Very Easy to Set Up

The RF Wireless Master Clock is a unique approach to wireless clock systems and is the heart of synchronization of remote wireless analog/digital clocks within the the facilities.

It transmits coded RF signals via a low power transmitter in a frequency range that is selected to effectively penetrate most building walls and floors.

It can operate as a stand-alone master clock and send synchronizing signals to remote    wireless analog and digital clocks.

It can receive time from a variety of sources via Ethernet port. This can be from a local network or any desk top comuter system, etc.

The only wiring to these wireless devices is for the operating power. The system operates in  the 900  MHz range (902-928 frequency hopping) 


The Wirless Digital Display Clocks are variations of our proven line of wired system clocks, Each of these digital clocks is available with an operating power of 115 VAC, An added feature of the wireless digital clocks is the ability to extend a system in a virtually limitless manner. 


Available Digital Wireless Synchronized Clocks

- 4 Digit Display Digital Calok Wall mount, High Impact Strong Housing (four 4 inch characters)

6 Digit Display Digital Clock Wall Mount, High Impact Strong Housing, Six digit (four 4 inch  two 2.3 inch characters)

- Available Wall or Ceiling mount Mounting hardware brackets for enterprise applications such as shools, univerisites/colleges, commerical, industrial and governoment facioties


The Wireless Analog Synchonized Clocks are variations of our proven line of wired clocks and are an ideal choice new applications or replacing of old unreliable clock systems, Each of these analog clocks is available with standard battery operation, the operating power for the analog clocks is 2 D-Cell long life litium batteries or available optional AC power 115 ACV where power is available, An added feature of wireless analog clocks is the ability to extend a system in virtualy limitless manaor. The analog sync wireless clocks are available in 13" round and 17" round. The systems are very easy to set up just plug and play set up



    RF Master Clock

  12" Analog Clocks

    4 Digit 4"Display

      6 Digit Display

 Double Sided Clocks
  Ceiling/Wall Mount 

Available Analog Wireless Synchronized Clocks

Wall Mount 13 inch and 17 inch dial Analog Clock-Battery Power

Wall Mount 13 inch and 17 inch dial Analog Clock-115vac Power

Available Double Sided Clocks with Wall/Ceiling Mounting Brackets


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