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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box 9500 S Key Storage Cabinet Systems

Model: 9500S

Key-Box 9500 S series key system with 216 key hooks
Computerized 9500 S series key management cabinet comes with 216 key holder hooks and will provide a audit of authorized users entering the cabinet 24/7 The system is easy to use and set up. Special $2,895.00 US

Intelligent Key Solutions for Simpler Security Needs Key-Box Computerized Key Management Systmes Smart Solutions for Securing Your Valuable Facilities Keys!

Key-Box 9500 S series

Affordable Key-Box 9500 S series computerized key management system with 216 key holding hooks The 9500 S will keep track of all authorized users who has entered the cabinet 24/7 with time & date etc. The 9500 S cabinet  Dimensions: 746 x 730 x 140 mm, Weight: 28 kg available extra cost optional full operational battery back up incase of power outages. The 9500 S is in stock for fast delivery Special $2,895.00 US

The Key-Box Computerized 9500 S series is based on simplicity and security, the key cabinets are equipped with a keypad for entering users PIN codes. The key cabinet has a small green LED indicator above the keypad that indicates that the cabinet is active and blinks faster when it is in service mode. The key cabinets are available with 216 hooks. The key rings are neatly stored on the key hooks for easy viewing, removal or returning of keys. The 9500 S key cabinet is affordable and extremely easy to use and comes with the KeyWin Light USB PC Software. The users enter his/her pre selected code, the door opens and the user simply removes key/keys from the cabinet. The key cabinet system can be programmed from your PC with KeyWin Light USB PC Software and then downloaded to the key cabinet. The system electrical requirement is a simple 120 Volt AC Plug in or hardwired connection. The system comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

KeyWin Light is a USB software

that can be used with the 9500 S series for key cabinet and value box. You obtain monitoring and control by plugging a USB flash drive into the cabinet using a service code. The event log is also downloaded to the USB flash drive, which is then processed on a computer. It is simple to add, delete or edit codes as well as to look up information in the event log and then to upload them to the cabinet again via the USB flash drive

KeyWin USB Light Software Features



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