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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box Accessories


Key-Box Accessories and Optional Items including from expansion cabinets, software, extended warranty to Key Rings 

Expansion key strips for future expansions
9500 Series cabinet case holds up to 84 keys. Extra keys can be added at any time in multiples of 14 keys per strip at an additional cost.
All key strips include intelligent key fobs and tamper proof key rings.

Expansion key cabinets for future system expansion

i.e. 112 key 9500 Series system would come with 2 cabinets, 1st 9500 series cabinet contains 84 keys, 2nd cabinet contains 28 keys and would be expanded up to an additional 56 keys at a later date. For a total of 168 keys within the two cabinets.

Note: A total of 6 slave key cabinets can be added to each system

Creone Key-Box, Key Fobs/Pegs

Key-Box Locking Key Fobs/Pegs

Key-Box Non Locking Key Fobs/Pegs

Software, Support and extended warranty

•KeyWin Light Software License
•KeyWin 5-Pro Key Management Software License
•Optional support agreement includes unlimited technical software support. Annual charge
•Optional hardware extended 5 year parts/labor depot warranty per key cabinet system 9400/9500/9600/9700 Series and 7000 Series Lower Systems

Additional Optional Items

•Proximity card reader (to matching existing system, includes firmware)
•Access magnetic card reader firmware
•Swipe magnetic card reader (to match existing system, includes firmware)
•Biometric access fingerprint reader

Sure – Grip Standard Tamper Proof Key Rings

Affordable key rings that are made of quality aircraft cable and show any signs of attempts to open them. To lock a key ring, crimp the metal connector with a crimping tool (available below) to permanently close it, after which point the ring will have to be destroyed for the keys to be removed. 2″ Diameter

Special Package of 25 Key Rings:  $69.75

Purchase 5 or more 25 Key ring packs: $67.75/Pack

Purchase 10 or more 25 Key ring packs: $65.75/Pack
Purchase 20 or more 25 Key ring packs: $63.75/Pack

Crimping Tool: $29.95/Each


Many organizations throughout the country are utilizing our high quality key rings to secure their important keys. Our key rings are also used by casinos all over North America to help manage and secure their keys. Why not join them by utilizing one of our discount packages?

Sure – Grip Serialized Tamper Proof Key Rings

Our unique key rings cannot be damaged or destroyed without showing evidence of it. They are made of high-quality steel and laser-etched with serial numbers for added security.


Security Features

Unique serial numbers are laser engraved onto each key ring which allows you to easily keep track of your keys.
The only thing you need to seal the key rings is a single crimping tool.
These key rings are built with security in mind, as they cannot be opened or damaged without detection.


Size (in)
Length (in)
5 3/4
Size (cm)
SKR2 $8.99 each
FSC2 $10.99 each

Also available 3″ and 4″ serialized cable key rings please inquire


ID Key Ring Color Bands Available for Function/Group Designation

ID Key Single
Color Code Tags (48 Per Pack)
6 Color Pack Special
$98.00/10 Packs
ID Key Ring Multicolor Tags
(8 each of 6 different colors per pack)
Specialized Tamper Proof Key Ring
Crimping/Cutting Tool
CCTX(Black)  $19.99 each
CCTR(Red) $19.99 each
CCTO(Orange) $19.99 each
CCTY(Yellow) $19.99 each
CCTG(Green) $19.99 each
CCTB(Blue) $19.99 each
CCT10 $19.99 each
TPCT $44.99 each

Our Tamper Proof Security Key rings(tm) use a single tool to crimp the rings with our “Slide and Crimp” feature. This leads to efficient tooling, as it saves time and money.

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