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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Next Please! 3 Digit Dual Display Wired Push Button Complete Packaged System

Model: TAS/51301-HW-2

High Quality Series - Worlds Most Reliable Queuing Systems at Affordable Prices Our Take a Number Displays Are With Duarable Metal Construction for Manay Years of Dependable Usage 

Next Please! Traditional Wired Push Button HQ Series Take a Number Systems Built in North America!

3 Digit Dual Display Wired Package

Package Includes:

2  3-Digit 5" Led Display Indicator
1  Ticket Dispenser
1  12VAC Transformer
1  Take A Number Sign
1  Counter Stand
3  Push Buttons
1  Power/Push Button Wire Kit
1  Roll of Tickets (3000 per roll)

*Extra Remote Push Buttons Available

Time Access Systems is your source for high quality Take A Number queuing systems and supplies in North America.

Take A Number Systems eliminate fears of not being served in turn. Successfully in use by retailers, governments, hospitals, airlines, banks and wherever else people wait for service. Take A Number Systems are the positive and confident way to serve people. Take A Number systems mean faster service to customers, resulting in reduced costs and higher profits

Our Take A Number Systems consists of three parts: the rolls of tickets, the ticket dispenser and the electronic digitized indicator operated by a remote control. The Take A Number system does away with plastic number cards that hang on hooks and constantly require time to replace missing numbers Systems available with standard or wireless remote operation.

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