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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock Systems


SITESYNC® offers a wide variety of wireless control clock systems with multiple controller options including CDMA, Ethernet, or GPS formats.

SITESYNC® offers a wide variety of wireless clock systems with multiple controller options including CDMA, Ethernet, or GPS formats. Time Access Systems has long been the top provider of synchronized time solutions to industrial facilities, healthcare, educational and government institutions across Canada. With a complete array of choices in master clock systems, we are pleased to bring you SiteSync, cutting edge technology in master clock systems and art wireless clocks.

The industry standard of retrieving the time signal is through Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites. SiteSync brings you a couple of additional methods in ETHERNET and CDMA. Included in all our systems is a comprehensive kit for quick and painless installations.

Optional CDMA or Ethernet formats are available for your SiteSync Wireless Master Clock System


  •     Single transmitter signal coverage that is guaranteed
  •     60 minute installation that fast and easy
  •     Built with the user in mind and simple to use
  •     On the dot accuracy to NIST – official world time
  •     If you are expanding or renovating, the system is scalable
  •     SiteSync IQ systems are cost effective for everyone

SiteSyncIQ Wireless Master Clock systems come with several available circuits and different formats.

SiteSync IQ Wireless Analog Clocks

Our analog clocks are completely wireless and features safety crystals, easy to read dial styles and rugged cases.
All our wireless clocks were made with the SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock System in mind and come in two different dial sizes; 12 inch and 15 inch.

Clock Case Dimensions:

Surface Mount
12” 13 3/8” around, 2 3/8” deep
15” 17 ¼” around, 2 3/8” deep
Flush Mount
12” 13 3/16” around, 1 1/2 “deep


  • Synchronization of Time is wireless
  • Built in hyper sensitive UHF receiver provides signal reception for your entire facility.
  • Adjusts for Daylight Saving Time automatically
  • Continues to be accurate even if the power goes out
  • No user adjustment is needed, just “Plug & Play”

*Note:  For system to function optimally, all four batteries must be fresh. Power source is only as effective as the faintest battery

If you are considering giving your facility that “modern look” our SiteSync digital clocks were created for just such a purpose. For best results, use in long hallways, meeting rooms and bigger than normal sized areas. Our clocks come in wide array of different time formats and sizes to fit your specifications
These wireless digital clocks were created with the SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System in mind

  • Easy to read, extremely luminous 4” red display LED
  • Lens is without glare
  • Choose 12 or 24 hour format
  • Accurate time is maintained even when power is lost due to 10 year lithium battery
  • Daylight Saving Time correction is automatic and selectable
  • Accuracy to master is +/- only one second
  • Aluminum frame is black and anodized
  • Required Power is 110Volt AC

Note: We use the 24hour format by default unless explicitly specified at time of purchase

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