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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Time Guardian MTX-30 Pro Proximity Card Time and Attendance System

Model: MRX-30 Pro

The Time Guardian is the most economically PC based system in the industry the system is user friendly and very easy to install and set up.

Complete Package $895.00 

Time Guardian Pro MTX-30 Proximity Fully Automated Time and Attendance Card or PIN Entry Time Terminal System 

Affordable Time and Attendance Proximity Time Card System for Keeping Track Payroll Time!

Complete time tracking system using proximity badges. This affordable time clock system interfaces with most common payroll applications, providing a complete turnkey solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll. It enables you to automate the time and attendance data collection, calculation, and preparation of employee time data, while increasing your company profits!

Time Guardian MTX-30 Pro Complete Packaged Proximity Card Time and Attendance System

Time Guardian MTX-30 Proximity Card Package includes: 2 admin users, 100 employees (upgradeable) time and attendance software, MTX-30 time terminal, 20 employee badges, 6' Ethernet cable, operation manual, signal relay for ringing starting and break bells, capable of transferring punches via optional extra cost thumb drive, 30 days remote support for setting up your system if required, One year limited time care parts/labour depot warranty. Available yearly support agreement at an affordable price. 

A Powerful / Flexible Time and Attendance Payroll System  
Time Guardian MTX-30 Series Proximity card system can be used with proximity cards, PIN entry keypad or a combination of both. All MTX-30 Time terminals have the ability to communicate via direct connect with the provided 6 ft Ethernet communication. The Time Guardian is an employee time tracking system designed to minimized payroll management and save you valuable time. The affordable time and attendance system interfaces with most common available payroll applications, thereby providing a complete turn-key solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll. It enables you to automate the collection, calculation, and preparation of employee time data, while increasing your profits. Time Guardian integrates with numerous payroll systems including ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, Peach Tree, and more ...View Info Brochure 


Time Guardian MTX-30 Features and System Specifications 

• Capable of transferring punches Via USB
optional thumb drive
• Easy Plug and play installation wizard
• Total hours for 100 employees payroll
• Two punch options: Keypad or Proximity
card employee swipe
• Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and
monthly pay periods
• Automatic data polling and time sync
• Ability to round totals to meet all of your
company policies
• Unlimited number of departments, pay
policies, schedules, & holidays etc.
• Tracks and reports all wages, tips and
pay bonuses
• Signal relay for ringing bells for breaks etc.
• Ethernet data communication



• Eliminates manual calculation errors
• User-friendly interface
• Easy and efficient way to manage your
workforce and 
Reduces payroll management time


• Capacity: 100 employee standard capacity
(upgradeable to meet your requirements)
• Terminals: Dimensions 5.39” x 6.49” x 1.77”
(137mm x 165mm x 45 mm)
• Power input: AC Adapter 100, 110, 120 or
240v AC, 50-60Hz
• Software: Time Guardian Windows-based
employee time tracking software
• Badge Type: Proximity Employee Badge
(86mm x 54mm 0.76mm)
• Reports Generated: Time card, hours worked,
exceptions, and much more
• Integration Capabilities: Payroll integration
• Setting: Programmable: Daylight saving time
downloaded through Time Guardian software
• Memory Backup: Up to 2 years continuous
memory without power
• Relay: 30VDC 1A


• Additional Terminals
• Multi-User upgradeable (2 Users included)
• Expandable Modules
• Additional employee badges 


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