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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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TimeQPlus Prox

Model: TimeQProx

TimeQ Proximity Card Time and Attendance PC Based System is network ready

Discontinued No Longer Avialable Please View Alternative MTX-30 Time Guardian Prox Time and Attendance proximity card system  


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Features of TimeQPlus Prox:

  • Proximity Technology: Workers merely wave their badge to punch in and out
  • PC-Punch method also available
  • 15 Proximity Cards included for a complete package
  • Options for TCP/IP (Ethernet) or RS-232
  • Up to 250 additional employees can be easily upgraded
  • Supports multiple LAN data terminals
  • Supports 12 shifts with individual start/finish times
  • Supports a LAN connection to install software on multiple PCs
  • Options to archive/restore data
  • Optional auto-launch deductions by shift
  • Supports two levels of overtime
  • Option for calculating totals with time rounding rules
  • Shift rounding helps prevent unauthorized overtime
  • Records sick time, vacation hours, holidays, and exceptions
  • Option for sending reports to a monitor or printer in Excel, text, or PDF format
  • Supports exporting payroll to PrimePay, Paychex, ADP or QuickBooks
  • English/Spanish and English/French conversions

Technical Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2003 (Std or Enterprise), Windows Server 2008 (Std or Enterprise), Vista Business or Enterprise, Windows 7
  • Intel Pentium III 600MHz Compatible or faster processor,
  • 1 GHz or faster processor recommended.
  • 192 MB RAM or more, 512 MB or more recommended
  • 425 MB Disk Space Available
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or Above
  • Employee Time Card
  • Who is IN, Who is OUT Report
  • Shifts Report
  • Holidays Report
  • Time Cards Approval Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Daily Totals by Day
  • Daily Totals by Employee
  • Employee Profiles Report
  • System Rules Report



Employee Hours SummaryProximity Terminal includes a large, backlit LCD display. It can be connected to a network or PC through USB, serial (RS232) or Ethernet.

The internal memory stores up to 50,000 transactions and a built-in battery prevents the loss of punch-in/punch-out information should a blackout occur. Users can schedule automatic terminal polls to recover stored transactions at certain time intervals.

Occurrences such as overtime work, sick time, vacations, holidays, and other absences are recorded by the software. This means there’s no need to track non-exempt/hourly employees differently, since all employees can use TimeQPlus.

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