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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Widmer Heavy Duty T Series


The Widmer T3 or T3-LED with a digital display provides a heavy duty, high quality time and date stamp and delivers exceptional imprints for lasting performance.Heavy Duty Time/Date Stamp Machines

Special Clearance Price $995.00

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Widmer Heavy Duty T Series

The Widmer heavy duty and high quality time and date stamps delivers exceptional imprints. The T series Time and Date stamps are one of the most durable stamp machines in the industry with years of trouble free operation. The T-LED-3 features a front LED clock and the T-3 features no front clock. The widmer time and date stamps are available with optional custom engraved inscription die plates that allow many different combinations of text messages.



  • Automatically prints with paper 
  • All electronic circuits are solid state to ensure uniform printing
  • Stamp force can be modified to allow carbon printing 
  • Ribbons are easily changed and have automated forward and back feed
  • Tough case with a robust lock to resist unauthorized manipulation
  • All brass typewheels afford above average print clarity and longevity

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: H 7 7/16 x W 4 11/16 x D 10 3/16 
  • Weight: 16lbs ( approx ) 
  • Finish: Taupe hammer tone 
  • Power: 115 volts ac-60Hz 
  • Throat Depth: 1 3/16" standard, 1 9/16" maximum, 1/8" minimum ( with optional extended trigger) 
  • All Specs/ sizes are approximate and may change without notice

Popular Applications: 

  • Recieved mail 
  • Receipts for taxes
  • Missed call information 
  • Lab results 
  • Legal paper 
  • Hotel, Motel or restaurant customer checks
  • Stock sale and purchase papers









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