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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Wireless Clock System


TIMETRAX® offers a full range of wireless analogue clocks, digital clocks and transmitters that Time Trax wireless clock systems are in an affordable solution for all facilities

The proven industry standard 915MHz radio frequency master clock transmitter delivers a dependable wireless synchronized clock signal in almost any vertical market. It is ideally suited for standalone corporate /industrial buildings, healthcare locations, school buildings or facility renovation, retrofit design and new construction applications. Since the clocks receive their radio time frequency from the master clock transmitter. They will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility. With the central time source being captured from NTP and/or the facility’s internal network, it makes for a universal system almost anywhere.
The 915MHz Wireless RF Transmitter can interface with a full line of Time and Attendance Time management systems. In addition, the transmitter can synchronize your networked phone system, networked servers, networked PC’s and existing wired synchronized clock systems with bells and horns (such as Simplex and other sync systems with an optional module) The TimeTrax Wireless system is the most simple to use plug and play installation system on the market.
The Wireless 915MHz Master Clock Transmitter System Features
  • 128 channel 902-928MHz frequency hopping technology
  • 1 watt output power
  • Capable of transmitting wireless RF synchronization signal every 10 seconds to  Pyramid’s Wireless Clocks
  • Send RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks
  • Field interfacing with other existing clock and sound systems
  • Internal clock and LED display for clear and accurate readout
  • Microprocessor based
  • 5” box top antenna — No external antenna needed
  • Time source captured from NTP and/or internal Network, or optional GPS
  • Can serve as an NTP time source
  • Sturdy steel case housing for quick installation and longevity
  • Battery back up for maintenance-free use should power fail
Wireless Solutions For
  •     Corporate Offices
  •     Government Buildings
  •     School Facilities
  •     Hospital and Health Care Facilities

Analog Wireless Clocks

TimeTrax Wireless Analog Clocks feature easily viewable faces in a variety of sizes and styles. The clocks are ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. Since the wireless clock systems receive their radio time frequency from a TimeTrax transmitter, they will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility.

3 year limited warranty

Clocks are available in 13”, 17” sizes with battery or electric operation

Digital Wireless Clocks

Digital clocks are perfect for large areas-bright LED digits are viewable up to 160 feet.

Dual sided clock mounts are available with wall or ceiling mount brackets (optional)

Simple installation low maintenance wireless clock synchronizatio


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