Automated Automotive Key Management Systems

Automated Automotive Key Management Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prevent key loss/theft today with an affordable, easy to u...
Automated Automotive Key Management Systems

Key-Box Automative Key Management Systems 


    Key-Box Key Systems
    Secures Keys and Helps....

  • Prevent lost sales from lost or misplaced keys 
  • Secures keys and protect valuable vehicle inventory 
  • Control key access to vehicles on your premises 
  • Track the who, when and why keys are removed 
  • Eliminate costs for replacing lost keys and remotes
  • Reduce liabilities for theft and floor plan insurance 
  • Eliminate or reduce mystery vehicle damage & loss 
  • Increase productivity time and responsibility 
  • Create audit trails for key usage, expenses etc.
  • Save more, spend less on vehicle key control

Vehicle Key Control with Accountability 

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Key-Box highly secured automotive key management systems are simple to use and affordable solutions for controlling vehicle keys for the automotive industry 

Key-Box offers a wide range of automated automotive key cabinet systems to meet all automotive dealerships key management requirements for controlling their valuable vehicle keys/assets 

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Key-Box 9600 SC Series Key Systems Key-Box 9700 SC Series Key Systems

 Secure and Innovative Key Management Systems with Accountability 

Key-Box state of the art automated key cabinet systems have been designed to provide a quick and easy method of issuing and controlling keys.In addition, Key-Box provides instant information as to the current user of a key, the previous user as well as a full history of the keys usage. Key-Box can also restrict access to individual keys thus enabling cost effective and efficient management of keys, reducing losses as well as time and energy trying to locate misplaced/lost keys

 Key Management Tools at your Fingertips

Vehicle Reports 
Determine vehicle key status 
Analyze fast/slow movers
Evaluate sales force
Vehicle History Reports
Learn how many time a vehicle is demo'd
Track use of vehicle keys
See who has driven which car and when 
Employee Reports 
Analyze the number of demo's
Know how many vehicle each employee
as out on loan 

 Key-Box Automotive Key Management Systems

The Key-Box automated Key system includes a wide range of modular key cabinets from a single 10 key system to networked cabinets capable of supporting 1000s of keys that can be installed as standalone devices or can be integrated with most electronic access control systems. These electronic access systems support a full range of options including biometric readers and network adapters that can send out SMS messages to report alarms. Key-Box cabinets are manufactured from Zintec steel and are powder coated; clear doors when fitted are made from polycarbonate.KeyWin5 is the support software for Key-Box key cabinets. This software gives a graphical representation of the cabinets and allows the user to easily see what activity is happening on each Key-Box cabinet within the electronic access system. The software is used to set-up the Users and the Key details and to record the events that have taken place. The software will also record any alarms that have been activated.Keys are attached to the Fobs which are nickel plated brass bullet-shaped devices 40mm long x 10mm in diameter. They contain a chip which gives them a unique electronic ID. By attaching these fobs to your keys within the automated key system, Key-Box electronically tags your keys, and by controlling access using PIN, Access Cards or Biometrics you can audit every user of every key or bunch of keys. You can be sure that the keys have been taken by authorized staff only and that the user will know they must take care of the key and the asset management by the key as they will held fully accountable.  

    Think about the following questions 

  • Do you always know who has access to your vehicles?
  • What would the cost for a replacement key, due to one being misplaced be?
  • How much down time might a vehicle key cost?
  • Do unauthorized sales/service staff have to your vehicles/facilities?
  • Do you know the last person was to demonstrate or use a particular vehicle and when and
  • whom returned the keys?


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