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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Human Temperature Screening with advanced state of the art automated No Touch Biometric Reader

The Solution combines a powerful thermo camera and our latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition
technology for employee authentication. Providing advanced security and convenience all on
a single affordable device

Used to help screen people for an elevated
body temperature in the workplace, public
areas and public venues

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Detect-Pro Light Standalone Brochure

Detect-Pro Advanced Series Brochure

Keeping People Safe
Safely screen employees and visitors for high temperature as they walk into a building or a defined area.
The system can prevent people from entering if the predefined temperature threshold is exceeded or
they are not wearing a mask, and trigger an alarm

  • Provides fast and accurate body temperature measurement
  • Detects if protective mask is being worn
  • Users can be denied door or system access if a high temperature or no mask is in detected
  • Alarm options include strobe light, siren and popup on PC workstation
  • Embedded face & palm recognition provides 100% hands free hygienic authentication for various application users
  • Built -in-facial recognition; records personal records personal safety log verifies records
  • Can be used as a standalone system or interfaced with various access system control

  Affordable as Low as $1,995.00





  • Ideal user authentication read between 18-22"
  • Face verification possible while wearing protective mask (palm recognition advised while wearing mask)
  • Can store & match up from 6000 -50,000 face templates, 5000 palm templates and 10,000 fingerprint templates
  • Standard 5" programmable touch screen display or optional extra cost 8" touch screen display
  • Intelligent energy -savings design
  • Dual-lens IR & VL camera recognizes faces in both total darkness and bright sun light (<50,000 Lux)
  • Body temperature detection accurate up to 0.6 degree F from up to 18" away
  • Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, DST, Duress Mode (password) Anti-Pass back, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm

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