Mechanical Key System

Mechanical Key System

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Mechanical Key System

Affordable Secure-Lock Innovative Key and Asset Management systems for all sorts of Facilities, Businesses and Organizations requiring an affordable solution for securing their valuable keys




Innovative Key Control System

* Secures and lockes keys in the cabinet

* Prevent loss of your valuable keys 

* Control who removes the keys 24/7

* Eliminate cost for lost keys

* Save more & spend less on key control


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  As low as $1,399.99 US

Low Cost Key Control Cabinets With Individual Secured Locked Keys Accessible By Authorized Users With Their Assigned ID Access Keys!

Our Secure-Lock alternative key management systems provides user friendly key control solutions for all sorts of facilities, organizations and businesses that require an affordable organized key solution. The keys to your facilities and business are one of its most important assets. Without access to your keys you can't control your business and facility keys and other assets. The secured key system provides the perfect solution by giving you the highest level of control and security for your most important and valuable facility and asset keys


Available Secured Key Cabinets 

Our Secure-Lock key cabinets offer a sturdy and affordable security solution to your key control needs. Cabinets are constructed from .063 Aluminum which is rugged, lightweight and rustproof. They are powder coated in a texture grey for easy cleaning. Cabinet can be wall mounted. The locking key cabinets are available in 30 locking key system, 50 locking key system, 100 key locking systems and 160 key locking system with individual key holder locks. All cabinets include key holders, user access keys, master keys, versa tags (ID tags) Operating manual and 1 year limited warranty (Key cabinets shown with available optional extra cost PIN entry access lock) 


With our Secure-Lock key system, management and staff will always know who has removed the facility keys and who the users are that have the key/keys etc. Thus saving alot of time if another user requires a certain facility key or keys that are not in the cabinet or wall board key system. The way our Secure-Lock key systems work is an authorized user with their assigned access ID key enters their ID key into the key lock holder with the facility key/keys they require once the user ID key is entered into the key lock holder the facility keys are released. When the user returns the keys they would insert the key holder with the attached keys back to the key lock holder, the key lock holder would than release the users ID key.


Secured Locked Keys With Accountability

Secure-Lock mechanical Key Systems Are User Freindly To retrieve a key the user would simply insert their assigned ID access key into the key lock holder and once the ID key is entered the key lock holder would release the key and keep the user ID access key in place until the user returns back the key taken. Key Storage Accountability 24/7  

Optional PIN Entry Door Access Lock Upgrade to the optional PIN entry access lock to your cabinet for secure access to the cabinet by PIN entry. With the optional PIN entry access lock it will eliminate the loss of cabinet door keys. The user would simply use the cabinet assigned PIN code.

$1,399.99 US 30 Key Packaged System  

The Special complete packaged 30 Key capacity key cabinet system model: C30 cabinet includes: 30 x reusable key holders, 30 x tamper proof key rings, 5 x user access ID keys, 30 x ID tags, 2 x cabinet keys, 1 x user manual and a one year warranty. Other Packaged key systems available 50, 100 and 160 key capacity Please enquire for pricing


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