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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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8.2 MHz Designer Series Clear Vector Anti Theft Detector Panel


The 8.2 MHz Designer Sereis Clesr Phazor is an all-purpose system that is capable of protedting a vest array of merchandising due to its ability to fully detect both hard tags and self-adhesive labels

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8.2 MHz Designer Series Clear Phazor High Performance Anti Theft Detector Panel

The High Quality North American Built Clear Phazor 8.2 MHz panel systems are designed for easy plug and play set up. 95% of installions have been done by our customers throughout North America without the need of an expensive tech person to set it up, thus saving the customer time and money!

System Features:

Able to detect hard tags approx 3 to 4 feet or more on either
side. Able to detect labels approx 2.5 to 3 feet or more on
either side. One antenna is suitable for a single 3ft door opening
Multiple units can be placed to protect a wider opening
System can be easily installed by the customer


Boasting the same qualities as the Phzor system, the Clear
Phazaor is the most unobstructive system on the market and can
lso be used as a marketing/advertising tool with the application
for store logos, etc to the clear panel. Great for high-end

System Specifications:

The 8.2 MHz Clear Phzor system combines the function of the standard Vector system with the looks required in todays modern market. This system was specifically designed for the boutique market where form and function merge in a reliable, contemporary package.

Height:  60.5" (153.6cm)  Weight:  50lbs (22.7kg)
Width:  13" (33cm)  Frequency:  8.2MHz
Depth:  1" (2.54cm)




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