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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Acroprint BP-125

Model: BP-125

When mainstream electricity is not a reliable option, the portable BP-125 offers a battery-powered time recorder. With the exception of the battery function, the BP-125 works the same as the Acroprint Model 125 time recorder. BP-125 is a portable time solution for remote environments where power is a concern. 

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Features and Benefits:

For portability and battery-powered time recording, turn to the BP-125. It is the functional equivalent of our model 125 time recorder except designed with remote areas in mind.
Portability – The BP-125 offers three different power options: battery, AC with rechargeable battery backup and 12VDC power. A warning beep tells users when the power is low. A light indicates the battery installation is correct.
Durable – The BP-125 is built to last for years. Each unit has a lifetime typewheel guarantee and 1-year warranty for other components.
Cost-effective – No special supplies necessary. The BP-125 uses standard time cards. The autoribbon feed design provides reverse operation to extent the life of the ribbon. 
The BP-125 is available for custom configurations that meet your every need. Businesses can turn to this unit for all forms of time recording including attendance tracking and job costing. 

Power Options:

With the BP-125, you have your choice of power options.
Our model BP-125 uses four (4) standard “D” batteries (not included with purchase) when there is no AC power available or while working on the road.
The BP-125-R6 unit will run for days on rechargeable “D” cells with the 125VAC/60Hz functioning, even when there is no power. Recharging continues once AC power comes back on in areas where the electricity is unreliable.
Model BP-125-12 runs on 12VDC power (battery and wiring harness not included with purchase) to allow for use on a car or truck battery. 



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