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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Guard-Pro ARES V Guard Tour Verification System


     Affordable Guard Tour Solutions              

Guard-Pro ARES V Is the Most Affordable Fully Automated Duarable Guard Tour Systems in North America, Our Systems Will Provide You With Full Accountibility Of All Your Security PersonnelPatrol Rounds Of All Your Facilities with Accuracy    

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Guard-Pro ARES V Professional Automated Guard Tour Systems With Accuracy    

Our guard tour systems will ensure your personnel are doing their tour rounds by using our easy to use, light and built to last tracking guard tour system. The Guard-Pro ARES V is the perfect tracking system for securing your facilities, all kinds of organizations are using our automated guard tour systems including:

Security Guard Companies, Security Personnel, Hospital Staff, Care Home Staff, Cleaning Crews, Government Facilities, Colleges/Universities, Port Authorities, Power and Utilities, Commercial Facilities etc. Our Highly Accurate Guard- Pro Gaurd Tour Systems Are Very Useful If You Need To Verify Whether or Not Your Personnel Visited A Certain Location 

The Guard-Pro ARES V M6000 Recorder is as durable as it gets due to its reinforced polycarbonate body, and it's easy to use as well. Set the M6000 Recorder to the iButton recording station and it will automatically record the date, time and location of your personnel. You can then download detailed tour reports from personnel onto a PC by using the download cradle and the window-based software that is included with your system. The tracking system is helpful and easy to use for your personnel as well as they will be able to use an available optional incident pad in order to record more detailed information concerning anything that they encounter while they are doing their rounds. The Guard-Pro V allows you to program as many as 9,999 different incident codes in order to gather information about each station's conditions.

Guard-Pro ARES V Guard tour systems are available In two different packaged Systems:

Guard-Pro Lite Express Package

Package includes:

1 x M6000 Data Recorder
1 x Light Version Software
1 x Carrying Case                         
1 x Download Cradle
2 x ID Recording iButton /Mount
5 x Recording Station iButton  


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Guard-Pro Full Advanced Package

Package includes:

1 x M6000 Data Recorder
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Download Cradle
2 x ID Recording iButton /Mount
10 x Recording Station iButton
1 x Full Version Advanced Software includes
incident event recording with optional incident recording pad    
* Optional incident recording pad


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You can add additional M6000 recorders, iButtons recording stations/mounts, anytime your requirements arise. The ease of use of this system benefits you and your personnel as they can simply touch the M6000 data recorder to each iButton recording station in order to log their date, time and location.

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