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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Next-Please Electronic Ticket Printing Systems


The Easy-Print Professional HQ series electronic thermal ticketing system can be personalized with company name or logo. The electronic ticketing system prints the number, time and date on a ticket with the push of a button. Also Available Easy-Print Budget Sereis Electronic Thermal Ticket Printer System At Affordable Pricing 

Next-Please! Budget Pro Wait Line Ticket Printers

Time Access Systems is your source for high quality affordable Take A Number queuing systems and supplies in North America. Take A Number Systems eliminate fears of not being served in turn. Successfully in use by retailers, governments, hospitals, airlines, banks and wherever else people wait for service. Take A Number Systems are the positive and confident way to serve people. Take A Number systems mean faster service to customers, resulting in reduced costs and higher profits

Easy-Print Budget Pro Series Take a Number Ticket Printer 

Budget Professional series Electroninc Ticket Printer

Affordable compact standalone thermal Ticket Printer for all types of queue systems. Our unique low cost printer will eliminate the need for manuel ticket issue dispensers and ticket rolls and is unobtrusive and economical to use, The text on the ticket can be easily changed via a computer  connection. The system uses low cost thermal rolls. Easy-Print Printers systems and supplies are competitively priced. 

Next-Please! Easy-Print Pro Printer Specifications:

Model: Easy-Print Budget series K-TP printer Ticket Width: 58 mm

Working Voltage: 12 V via Supplied Power Supply 110 VAC 

Dimensions:  20 x 12 x 11.5 cm ...Learn More


Easy-Print Printers are easy to set up and user freindly  

New Exclusive Easy-Print Professional HD Series Durable Ticket Printer with Automatic Ticket Cutting Feature!

Easy-Print HD Pro series Electronic Ticket Printer

The Easy-Print Professional series heavy duty electronic ticketing printing system with automatic ticket cutting feature The system will print the ticket next number, time and date, and logo on the ticket with the push of a button  allowing your customers to feel that much more confident that they will be served more accordingly. The printer system can be purchased with any of our take a number queuing displays as a complete packaged system or alone

Next-Please! Easy-Print Pro Printer Specifications:

Model: HD Series Easy-Print K-TP-HD Printer Ticket Width: 58 mm Working Voltage: 12 V via Supplied Power Supply 110 - 120 VAC Dimensions: approx. 21 x 13 x 12 cm Weight: 9 lbs ...Learn More

Next-Please! Budget & HD Ticket Printer Features:

(1) Easy-Print Printers are easy to set up and use, (2) Printers have a simple one button operation, (3) Tickets clearly printed with right sequence number, time and date, company name.(4) easy to reload ticket thermal paper roll, (5) Easy to view tickets, (6) Tickets may be a 2-digit or 3-digit number printed (7) One year worry free warranty included with all of our ticket printers 

Easy-Print Ticket Printers Provide Personalized Custom Tickets For Businesses Add your business or organization queue tickets with logo, Add time and date, Add warm tips or comments or any wording and text's

Easy-Print Printer Accessories


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