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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Guardian 4.6MHz SP Anti Theft Detector Panel

Model: 4.6MHz SP PANEL

The SP Package is recommended for smaller retail outlets that require the use of reusable hard tags only. It is a basic system that acts as a visible deterrent that will protect your merchandise from theft.

Guardian 4.6MHz SP Anti Theft Detector Panel

System Specifications

The 4.6 MHz SP is an innovative system package as a single panel transceiver. The system functions in nearly the same way as a standard RF system, but at a wider aisle width and requires only one antenna to operate. This system can detect tags up to 4 feet or more on either side of a single panel. If two panels are used, an opening as wide as 20 feet can be protected. Another advantage of the single panel system is that the electronics do not have to be synchronized, which minimizes installation time and after sales servicing.

System Features:

Able to detect hard tags up to 4 feet or more on either side.One antenna is suitable for a single 3ft door opening
Multiple units can be placed to protect a wider opening
System can be easily installed by the customer


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