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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Jumbo 8" Take a Number Digital Display System

Model: TAS/5120JD-8

Large digital two and three digit displays with 8" tall numbers

Easy to read and viewable from 250 feet 

2 Digit Single Display Package 2 Digit Dual Display Package Optional Items and Accessories
3 Digit Single Display Package 3 Digit Dual Display Package Easy-Print Printer Brochure

Jumbo 8" Take a Number Digital Display Systems

Our exclusive jumbo two and three digit digital displays feather 8' tall numbers viewable from up to 250 feet away the jumbo large digital displays are designed for use in large waiting areas or they can be used for sequential operations. You can add as many displays to a system from a single display system to multiple displays for large enterprise operations. The 8" jumbo displays are available with a two digit or three digit format. The systems are very easy to set up and operate and are lasting for many years of usage.

Available Jumbo Digital 8" Display Systems



2 Digit Display systems designed for waiting rooms with less than 100 waiting people at any given time



3 Digit Display systems designed for waiting rooms
with more than 100 waiting people at any given time


The Jumbo TAS/5120-JD-8 AND TAS/5130-JD-8 series is a larger version (8") of our traditional take a number systems. The 8" display is viewable up to 250 feet. All display systems include: 24volt, VAC power 110 VAC adapter with 20 feet of powering wire, wireless remote control. 


Models: TAS/5120-JD-8 and TAS/5130-JD-8 series

Power Requirements: 110 VAC Power Adapter with 24 VAC output

Character Height: 8" inches

Character viewing distance: 250 feet 

Temperature Parameters: -20C to 60 C (-4F to 140F) 

Casing: Aluminum extrusion 

Color: Black frame with dark red acrylic faceplate 

Enviroment: Indoor Use 

Display Size: 2 Digit 11.5" w x 11.5" H x 1.5" D - 3 Digit: 16.5" W x 16.5" H x 1.5" D 

Weight: 2 Digit 3.3 lbs - 3 Digit 4.7 lbs 

Optional Items and Accessories