Guard-Pro Watchman's Clocks and Guard Tour Systems

Guard-Pro Watchman's Clocks and Guard Tour Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Guard-Pro Watchman's Clocks and Guard Tour Systems

Property Damage from vandalism and theft is a constant problem for business and property owners, preventing liability risks and maintaining security is another challenge that faces correctional and institutional facilities. Our systems provide facilities with a reliable and accurate way to record security guard tour rounds.

Do you know if your security patrol person has made the patrol rounds in your facilities? With our watchmen
clocks and guard tour systems you will always know who is accountable and accurate results.

The ARES V Guard Tour System is The Most Popular/Best Seller System In North America

Guard-Pro ARES IV Automated Durable 
Professional Grade Guard Tour System 


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GuardPro Ares V Amano PR-600

Affordable PR-600 Dependable Traditional Electronic Battery Operated Watchman's Clock  

PR600 Traditional Electronic
Battery Operated Watchmans Clock

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