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Traka Key Management Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Traka Key Management Systems

Electronic Key Access / Key Management Systems

Traka/Assa Abloy is one of the world's major electronic key security cabinet manufacturers. Traka's key cabinets and lockers control who can get access to your personal and professional assets, e.g. who may take a key or remove other assets such as radios and mobile phones. Traka automatically records the transaction activity by date and time on both the cabinet and on the support software. This allows companies to manage accountability in users for both access and control of assets. Traka's cabinets come in a range of sizes from the smallest at 10 keys to the largest that will hold in excess of 1000's of keys 

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Think about the following questions:

  • In an emergency do you know who has the asset or key?
  • What would be the cost of losing an asset or key cost?
  • How much down time might a lost asset or key cost?
  • Do you always know who has access to your important assets or keys?
  • Do you comply with security requirements and compliance for your assets or key management?
  • Do unqualified people have access to your facilities, machinery and vehicles?

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The Traka electronic automated key system includes a range of modular key cabinets from a single 10 key system to networked cabinets capable of supporting 1000's of keys that can be installed as stand alone devices or can be intergrated with most electronic access control systems. These electronic access systems support a full range of options including biometric readers and network adapters that can send out SMS messages to report alarms. Traka cabinets are manufactured from Zintec steel and are powder coated. Clear doors when fitted are made from polycarbonate.

Traka32 is the support software for Traka cabinets. This software gives a graphical representation of the cabinets and allows the user to easily see what activity is happening on each Traka cabinet within the electronic access system. The software is used to set up the Users and the key details and to record the events that have taken place. The software will also record any alarms that have been activated. 

Keys are attached to iFobs which are nickel plated brass bullet shaped devices 40mm long x 10mm in diameter. They contain a chip which gives them a unique electronic ID. By attaching these iFobs to your keys within the electronic access system, Traka electronically tags your keys, and by controlling access using PINs, Access Cards or Biometrics you can audit every user of every key or bunch of keys. You can be sure that the keys have been taken by authorized staff only and that the users will know they must take care of the key and the asset managed by the key as they will be held accountable. 

Electronic Security Lockers

Traka's electronic security lockers are a range of electronically - locked modular cabinets. The electronics control who is enabled with access to each seperate locker. The ultimate in security, Traka key cabinet electronics technology allows the use of PIN, Proximity Cards, Swipe Cards or Biometric access devices as additional levels of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the lockers. 

The Traka32 Software also provides a complete audit of who has used the lockers and it also allows the lockers to be networked in a office or campus style complex. Integration to other third party access control or data management systems is also possible. 

The system is very user friendly and easy to use, simply requiring the user to type a PIN, swipe a card or use a finger scan for identification if biometric access is specified. The user then types in the required locker number and if allowed access the lockers door will open. No access and the door stays locked. Traka then audits the user name and locker selected by recording the time and date.

Traka electronic security lockers are manufactured in mild steel with aluminium doors and are available in a range of sizes. The picture shown above is for 24 lockers each with the following dimensions: (h w d) 80mm x 160mm x 230mm. This gives an overall size of (h w d) 570mm x 760mm x 240mm. The Traka locker system is modular providing 24, 48, 72 or 96 lockers etc. as required.


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Automotive Key Control With Acountability 


Secured Automotive Key Management Solutions. We offer a
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